For Bookings:

2nd - 4th - MC for Sam Morril Helium Comedy Club Indianapolis, IN
7th - An Evening With The Authors - White Rabbit Cabaret Indianapolis, IN
8th - Spiffy Squirrel at State Theater Nashville, TN
9th - The Monocle St Louis, MO
10th - 11th - Featuring at Blue Room Comedy Club Springfield, MO
16th - 18th - Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival Columbus, OH
21st - Smokestack Brew Mishiwaka, IN
30th - Limestone Comedy Festival The Bishop Bloomington, IN

1st - Limestone Comedy Festival Blockhouse Bloomington, IN
4th - An Evening With The Authors Anniversary Show White Rabbit Cabaret Indianapolis, IN
5th - Go Bananas Comedy Contest Cincinnati, OH
6th - Headlining True Anomaly Brewery Houston, TX
13th - Headlining The Stable Pendleton, IN
20th - Sirius recording show for Ryan Niemiller White Rabbit Cabaret Indianapolis, IN
21st - Headlining Red Curb Improv Avon, IN

2nd - An Evening With The Authors - White Rabbit Cabaret Indianapolis, IN
19th - 20th - Featuring for Matt Holt at the Holly Hotel Holly, MI

6th - An Evening With The Authors - White Rabbit Cabaret Indianapolis, IN
15th - 18th - Featuring for Kenny Deforest Go Banans Comedy Club Cincinnati, OH

1st - Albany Show

4th - Sandusky, OH show


Rank You Very Much is the podcast that ranks anything and everything! We find the best and worst of it all with your host Joe Bates and two special guest experts every episode! We've had guest who've been on it all such as Bob and Tom, FOX, and Last Comic Standing as well as work at comedy clubs across the country. You can watch these shows and be part of the show live every Saturday on the Facebook page 1 PM eastern. Btw, I've ranked this best podcast. You're welcome.


What is a Joe Bates?

A writer for the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom show, Joe Bates is a stand up to watch. Bursting with an unearned absurd confidence, Joe manages the balance between realism and lunacy in his act while still remaining grounded. Joe has not only been featured on SeeSo but also was a finalist for Comcast's Trial by Laughter. Joe has worked with such comics as Todd Barry, Matt Braunger, Ms. Pat, and Brooks Wheelan, as well as performed on festivals such as Blue Whale, Come and Take It, Bird City and Whatever Fest. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn to love again. Joe Bates!